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First we would like to make the meaning of night club in Budapest clear since to west from Hungary the idea of night club extends and does not show what it is exactly about in Budapest nowadays.
According to the changes that have taken place since the 80's and last up to now, nightclubs as places of hospitality service was more different from the ones of these days it is worth getting a closer look at the processes and details of that changes.

Budapest's most famous Night Club - Palace Budapest Nightclub

The country's morality was artificially protected from affects approaching from the "sinful" west by the iron curtain. Manifestations of sexuality such as books, films, magazines or brothels eluded Hungary. Certainly it does not mean that some people did not get in touch with either publications of that kind, or brothels (later nightclubs) could not be found but they remained invisible for most of them. The demand for everything which could make people's sexual culture more colourful like night clubs existed, of course. Hungarians, especially from Budapest, have an open-minded attitude to sexuality so this topic always made a more important role than it did in any other communist countries. Supporting of tourism and spoiling tourists from the West were immensely important in the country's life. It was also visible when the chains of hotels had been built on the riverside promenade of Budapest, which were similar to the ones in the western capitals. Nightlife of Budapest and catering industry had discovered the opportunities and development of tourism and the administration of the state did not impose restrictions on them. The history of night clubs dates back to the early years of the 1980's. The night clubs that involved foreign investments started their operation during those years, of course in a different form as they do it nowadays. They were more similar to variety shows than night clubs. If we have a look at the meaning of night club in Western Europe it shows much more resemblance to those in Hungary in the 80's. This 'light' style has been given another turn by Budapest nightlife. As if something has broken loose and were incontrollable that kind of dramatic changes have taken place in the world of night clubs. Everything is about sex but nothing is about entertaining anymore. Unfortunately there are only a few places which could keep their quality that should be expected and traditional hospitality has vanished from most night clubs. There are many websites discussing Budapest nightlife and provides information which are those clubs that are worth being visited and which of them are better to be avoid.

Let's visit some Night club in Budapest!

Budapest Strip Club A Girl in Budapest Night Club, Strip Club Action in the night club of Budapest

We think there are less and less clubs that deserve a visit as many of the night clubs are owned and operated by members of the underworld focusing on defrauding tourists instead of catering experts. It is a real danger while this website is being created that is why our site has been created and it tries to protect and highlight the reputable and professional nightclubs which are for the guests and not against them.
We believe, under such corrupt circumstances they really need defence considering the role of taxi-mafia which is the following:

We would like to draw our visitors' attention to these three night clubs / strip clubs where the guests are the most important and you can find professional catering service. On the other hand, they take an active part in fighting against corruption and taxi mafia in order to stop their negative effect on Hungarian tourism.
We are glad that the number of visitors is high and the market is stiff without dealing with taxi drivers and causing harm to tourists. It is possible because of two reasons:

Last but not least, we hope our message is able to reach tourists visiting Hungary in time and help to choose the most suitable night club so we can take an important role to clean Budapest night life.

Strip clubs in Budapest - we don't offer:

Jet night club Club 69 Niravana Night Club

Not a real night club

What we don't offer:

  • Jet Night Club
  • Club 69
  • Nirvana bar